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Professionalism’s Impact on deals

Whether you make or break the deal can be drastically affected by your emotions. Being likable can bring many benefits, it is common sense that in making deals and negotiations this no exception.

Sellers Are More Willing To Listen To Lower Offers

A Buyer can brind down a deal by offending the seller with low-ball offers. A low ball price can insult a seller by giving the signal that the buyer is not serious in buying or that the obvious attempts of swindling to give a much lower price.

Nothing good can come out of being an unpleasant buyer and even worse if the unpleasant buyer makes low offers and offend the seller But if the buyer came with a friendly attitude and carried with him professionalism, being nice to the seller can yield great benefits, the seller just might consider the low price.

Brokers have it in them to do their best to find the best buyer to pair with their clients, those who are able to provide them with a fair deal and a good offer.

For the Sellers

Not all business run smoothly and is perfect Superficially a business might appear to go on smoothly without hassle, but if observed critically and researched properly, one might discover that the company might not be what seems to be and can critically endanger a deal.

Buyers will always be skeptical whenever they go in for a transaction, this is natural for they are going to be spending money and wish to not be disappointed. The buyers will have their eyes wide open for anything that is out of place that could become problems in the future.

The smart and watchful buyer will mark out the sellers who store their accounting books and transaction records in Excel . Excel is not by any means an accounting software despite of all its strengths and capabilities. Rightly or wrongly, buyers will see this as a sign of poor professionalism and a bad business practice.

But if you however come forth as a likeable individual and most of all honest, small things such as using excel will not be of any problems and will make them insignificant.

Honesty and a good personality should always be top priority. Always be totally honest and never be afraid of pointing out the negatives in the business. Always be transparent and hide nothing. Your buyer will be happy with this and will gladly appreciate the positive criticisms and they will not find it hard to believe you as you explain to them all the benefits your business has to offer.

This is the aspect that brought Hillary Stiff and Frank Stiff from Cheval Capital to rise.

Do not forget to be likable and professional even when you are not on a deal, this will make you an all around better person and people will take notice of this and you will leave a good impression even before a deal begins